GIVEAWAY: Assassin’s Creed

Journey back into the past to discover your ancestry, and reclaim your legacy in a world shrouded in secrecy and deceit. This month, we’ll be diving into the secret lives of The Assassins, a covert society band together to fight against the oppressive Templar organisation. Thanks to 20th Century FOX Malaysia, we at SPOT News, you could be 1 of 8 Winners to win a pair of tickets to watch the hit titular hit game series, Assassin’s Creed.


Director: Justin Kurzel
Written by: TBD
Producers: Arnon Milchan, Frank Marshall, Jean-Julien Baronnet, Didier Lupfer, Michael Fassbender, Conor McCaughan, Pat Crowley
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Khalid Abdalla, Michael K. Williams
Genre: Action/ Adventure

Official Site:
20th Century Fox Official FB Page:
Fox Malaysia’s YouTube Channel:

Plot outline:

Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.  Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day. ASSASSIN’S CREED stars Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises, La Vie en Rose). The film is directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth); produced by New Regency, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, DMC Films and Kennedy/Marshall; co-financed by RatPac Entertainment and Alpha Pictures and distributed by 20th Century Fox.


Here’s how you could win a pair of tickets to the show!
In addition to the movie tickets, you could be 1 of 2 Winners to walk away with some Assassin’s Creed merchandise! Just answer this question by fill in the form with your email address in order for us to contact you if you are chosen as a winner:
What is the name of the developer behind the titular game of the movie?

Be in the running to snag these Assassin’s Creed goodies too!

Hello Weekend, Hello Big Data!

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

After a long week of work or study, there’s only one thing most of us look forward to.

The weekend!

And weekends are when we spend some quality time with our family, friends and loved ones. And it’s also the days where we can kick back and do all the fun things without worrying about work or assignments!

Like a quick road trip to a makan place that you’ve been planning to visit.

Weekend is the perfect time to cross-off the hipster cafes or specialty restaurants and eateries that has been on your never-ending list of makan places! Who will ever say no to eating?! Absolutely no one!

Or a weekend spent on a getaway just for a change of scenery.

Let’s face it. Weekdays are like a back-to-back slew of exhaustive tasks consisting of serious meetings, endless assignments and other mundane routines that we just have to live by. And thus, a weekend getaway is always the perfect thing for us to unwind and recharge! In Malaysia, we are lucky to have the countless of amazing hidden stay-cations, without the need to go to far off places just to enjoy a chillaxing weekend! Like a drive to Cameron Highlands to enjoy a cooler climate, or even book a cheap flight to Langkawi for that awesome beach trip to enjoy some vitamin sea over the weekend! All while spending time with your besties and close pals!

Well, we know that experiencing it with our close friends isn’t enough sometimes. We want to keep these memories alive.

And what better way than to immortalise them in pictures or videos?

Being the social creatures that we are, we want to share them with the world (or at least, within our network of friends and acquaintance). In addition to the number of likes and comments we receive, we just love how people admire the amazingly delicious looking brunch photo we took, or that breathtaking scenery that screams “I wish I was there!”, shared to your social media. In a way, we are inspiring others and recommending them to seek out the thrills that we have enjoyed while spending quality time with those nearest and dearest to us! Who’s to say that your photos or even live videos would be the very thing that gives your friends an idea on how to make the most of their weekend too! Capturing moments like these are usually spur of the moment.

Like that one time when you saw a shooting star.

Unless your story-telling skill is enough to paint a precise picture in your friend’s head, there’s nothing like photographic confirmation to describe the food, scenery and other sights to behold than to capture them in photos and videos?

But sometimes, as easily and wanting as snapping a quick photo or taking a video of that specific moment in time, we encounter little bumps along the way.

Such as trying to upload that shooting star video you just recorded, and you see this.

You look to the skies and scream, why?!

You just realised that you’ve hit your Internet quota.

And you swore you had some data left or at least having been subscribed to a plan that would consider these unforeseen circumstances to better favour you.

And there’s no WiFi in sight because, you know, you’re kilometres away from civilisation.

And WiFi, or civilisation may be a short drive away, but you don’t want to miss out on any other the once-in-a-lifetime moment, do you?

Sure, you could upload it in another time but it would have lost its spontaneity. If only you had more data at that precise moment, it would all have been perfect.

Aside from captured moments, not having data could also be a lot more problematic than we thought.

Like that time you needed to Waze your way out from a technologically-untouched land.

Our dependency on technology these days makes it a lot easier for us, but it too has its limitations.

Of all time to run out of data, why la? So potong stim!

Talk about putting a dent on your weekend!

Well, fret no more as you can be prepared for situations like these when you subscribe to Digi!

With Digi, you get additional 10GB of FREE data on the weekend so you can live in the now!

Upload all the pictures and videos whenever and wherever you need to.

No longer do you have to worry about getting sesat in the middle of nowhere, and easily navigate to your destination anytime, anywhere!

And oh! 2GB of Internet quota rollover ftw!

We definitely wouldn’t say no to more things, right? Digi understands this, so you get more Internet quota to SNAP and SHARE more stuff with your friends!

Here are some of the perks you get when subscribing to Digi:


digi-spot-news-2With additional Internet quota, you can stay connected with the world, no matter where you are.

And that’s not all, Digi’s got your back even on weekdays. With Digi Postpaid 80 plan allowing you to enjoy 20GB internet data, gone were the days you have to kira and keep track of the Internet quota you have to spare for the weekends. Your weekday Internet quota remains the same in addition to the 10GB (4G) of FREE weekend data.

Want to make that switch? Find out more at Digi:

What Type Of Online Shopper Are You?

Online shopping can be fun and intimidating at the same time. It’s fun when everything goes well and you receive your product in perfect condition and on time. But, what if something goes wrong? It can be a total nightmare especially for virgin online shoppers out there – parcel lost, wrong items received, defected item received, etc.


This is why it’s important to do plenty of research and read the reviews prior making an online purchase. It’s important to make sure everything is legit in order to avoid unnecessary hassle after that.

We, from the SPOT News team would really like to know what type of online shoppers are you! It would be great if you can spend 3-5 minutes of your time to fill in this simple and quick survey form!


Aimless Browsers
The most laid-back type of online buyer. For these shoppers, online shopping is a hobby or a time killer. An impulse buy is possible with an aimless browser. However, they also can be the least likely to immediately buy from an online website.

Bargain Hunters
These shoppers flock to the web seeking a great deal. This type of buyer often values the discount more than the product itself. The deal is so important to a bargain hunter that they may purchase a product that they don’t really want or need, just because a deal is “too good to pass up.”

A researcher knows what they need, but not the best product to fulfill that need. These online shoppers will do rigorous research about the best relevant offerings. This research could start at any level in the buying cycle. In most cases, their inquiries will take them to multiple websites. The time at which a researcher shopper buys depends upon when they feel as though they are well-informed enough to make a smart buying decision.

Educated Shopper
In some cases, an online shopper will already know what they want. All of their research has been done about what they need, they know about pricing and they may have even tested a product in a brick-and-mortar store. At this point, they just want to get their product ASAP. To this end, they will seek out the most direct route to an online shopping cart with their desired product in it. As such, their searches will only feature the product name or the brand that makes it.

Single Purchaser
A single purchaser is looking to make a quick and easy purchase for a very specific purpose.  They just want that one item that they need; everything else is secondary. As their name suggests, single purchasers are looking to make a single purchase and aren’t likely to return to online storefront anytime soon after they complete their purchase.

In summary, some people just looking for the best price, looking for the best product, looking for the latest and newest product in the market, looking to buy now or just simply looking for an experience.



GIVEAWAY: Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice ice, baby! Ice Age is back with another movie – Ice Age : Collision Courses.

And thanks to 20th Century Fox Malaysia, we at SPOT News would like to give out 45 pairs of Premiere Screening passes to catch the movie Ice Age : Collision Courses before it hits cinemas nationwide!

Director: Mike Thurmeier
Written by:
Producers: Lori Forte
Cast: Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck,Simon Pegg, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, and Jennifer Lopez.  Stephanie Beatriz, Adam Devine,Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Max Greenfield, Jessie J and Nick Offerman. Melissa Rauch, Michael Strahan,Neil de Grasse Tyson
Genre: Animation/ Comedy
Running Time: 95mins
Official Site:
20th Century Fox Official FB Page:
Fox Malaysia’s YouTube Channel: Trailer (YouTube):

ice age 4

Plot outline:

Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age World.  To save themselves,Sid, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd must leave their home and embark on a quest full of comedy and adventure, traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.   

ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE, opening in theaters everywhere July 7, 2016.

ice age 4

The new film’s story is deeply rooted in the mythology of the original Ice Age. Producer Lori Forte, who has been with the franchise since its inception, and whose ideas have sparked several of the films’ stories, explains:  “In the first film, there was a scene where the herd passes through a kind of ice ‘museum,’where we see a prehistoric fish, a dinosaur, the evolution of Sid, and then a spacecraft or flying saucer.

“We always recognized that the spaceship was intriguing and knew there was some kind of mythology attached to it that we’d someday explore, but at that time we didn’t know exactly what it was,” she continues.   “So we decided the time was right to come back around to that piece of Ice Age, and sowed the seeds for COLLISION COURSE.”

There was also a precedent for Scrat’s life being turned upside down by technology.  In the Oscar®-nominated short No Time for Nuts, the character finds a time machine, which creates a different kind of techno-havoc for Scrat.

ice age 4

Another connection to the original film—and to its subsequent chapters—is the herd’s relatable family dynamics, which provide heart and emotion, and complement the comedy and adventure.   But like most families, the herd must adapt to a world that’s always in flux.  “We take our family of characters further than we’ve seen them before,” says Forte.  “We have a great time seeing how far we can push the characters, their world, and the obstacles they must overcome.  And we love throwing our heroes into environments they’re not yet equipped to handle.”

Yet, the Ice Age characters always triumph because they’re constantly adapting to their situations.  “The herd is always evolving,” Forte continues.  “As the world around them transforms, they must change as well.”

ice age collision course

Movie: Ice Age: Collision Course
Date: 4th July 2016
Venue: GSC, 1 Utama
Time : 9.15pm
Ticket Collection : 8.45pm (GSC 1UEntrance)

(There will be 45 pairs (90 tickets) movie passes to be given away.)


Leave a comment below with your answer and email address in order for us to contact you if you’re the winner!

Contest ends 11.59pm, 30th June 2016

Where to berbuka Puasa in KL

It’s a good time to be in KL when Ramadhan comes. Why not? We have around 14,400 brick-and-mortar restaurants to choose from on top of the popular bazaars Malaysians are very fond of. Here’s a rundown on where you can ‘berbuka’ based on how much you’d like to spend today:

Below RM50

Pocket-friendly restaurants that are kind to both your money as well as your tummy!

Suggested restaurants: Suraya Seafood, Hj. Sharin Low Grand, Polperro Steak House, Aunty Nat & Juaadahs.




RM50 – RM100

Most cafes and restaurants cater to this budget with extra room for dessert!

Suggested restaurants: Lads & Lassies, Tino’s Pizza Cafe, Zam Zam Arabic Restaurant, Marrakesh Restaurant & Al-Rawsha Restaurant


RM150 – RM200

With extra cash to spare, you can dine at fancy places with top notch service.

Suggested restaurants: Sri Ayutthaya, Amarin Authentic Thai Food, Imperial Chakri Palace & Al Diafah


RM200 and above

Experienced and professionally trained chefs assure that you are spending your money’s worth.

Suggested restaurants : Wangsa Grill By Chef Zubir, Me’nate, Laman Grill & Subak Restaurant


You can find more comprehensive information of the restaurants and their menus at Zomato:

GIVEAWAY: Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Tickets

We always knew they were coming back. After Independence Day redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global spectacle on an unimaginable scale.  The movie Independence Day: Resurgence will be hitting cinemas nationwide this coming 23rd June 2016!

Thanks to 20th Century Fox, we can reward you loyal users of SPOT News! Before we get to the part on how you can win these amazing prizes, do check out the awesome trailer for the movie below.

Using recovered Alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet.  But nothing can prepare us for the Aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force.  Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

Independence Day_5 Malaysia_23June

For director Roland Emmerich, INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE marks a return to the universe he and co-writer and producer Dean Devlin created two decades ago.  They captured cinematic lightning in a bottle—electrifying audiences around the around the world with drama, action, fun, unforgettable characters, and a presidential speech that’s still quoted today.


In short, the film was nothing less than a game-changer: it became part of our pop cultural conversation, and reminded us why we go to the movies.

Notably, the new film is Emmerich’s first sequel.  “This world is very special to me, and I wanted to do right by it and the characters,” says the filmmaker.  “Enough time has passed that it all felt fresh to me.”  Also nudging Emmerich back to the world of Independence Day was the chance to employ visual effects that were light years ahead of those available twenty years ago.

Independence Day_2Sheet_CampA_23June

(There will be 20 movie passes to be given away.)


Leave a comment below with your answer and email address in order for us to contact you if you’re the winner!


1st Winner – Pilot Bomber Jacket + USB Flash Drive + Sunglasses + Mini Moon Tug + Coaster


2nd Winner – Sunglasses + Mini Moon Tug + Coaster

3rd Winner – Sunglasses + Mini Moon Tug + Coaster

20 commenters with the most creative and interesting answers will win themselves a movie passes (redeemable for 2 tickets) and the top 3 will win themselves movie premiums!

Contest ends 11.59pm, 24th June 2016.

Top 5 Fun Board Games – NO BRAINER EDITION

Feeling bored at home and don’t feel like getting any work done or house chores, why not enjoy these super fun board games with either of your friends or family at home? I promise you that these are no brainer and you will definitely enjoy them! Most importantly, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun and laughter!

wood jenga lazada

1. Jenga
All you need to do is BUILD your way up by pulling out the block and kindly stacking it on the top without crashing it. It is a no brainer game as you don’t even need much of thinking to play this game, plus it’s going to be super fun when your tower is getting taller!

burger stacking game jenga

If you don’t fancy the Classic Wooden Jenga like above, you can always change the game and choose this Burger Stacking Game instead!

CLICK TO BUY Classic Wooden JengaRM110 RM51
CLICK TO BUY Burger Stacking Jenga – RM50 RM35

Pop Up Pirate Oak Barrel Roulette Game Pirate Sword Board Games

2. Pop-Up Pirate Roulette Game
This is a super duper no brainer game – all you need to do is insert the pirate swords in any of the barrel slot of your choice! If nothing happens, good for you! If, however, the pirate rockets out of the barrel, that’s bad and simply means you lose the game and the other players must reset the barrel to see who gets eliminated next. To make it even fun and challenging, you can always play bet with your friends whilst playing this game!

CLICK TO BUY Pop-Up Pirate Roulette Game – RM92 RM38.50

beware of the dog board game

3. Beware Of The Dog Game
Yup, here’s another super no brainer fun game for you – Beware of the dog. It is super easy to play this game – each player takes turns with the cat paw tweezers to try and steal his bones. Draw a card and take the number of bones of the correct color shown on the card from the pooch’s dish without waking him up. When you least expect it, he wakes up and jumps for his bones with a growl! The player with the most correct bones wins!

CLICK TO BUY Beware of the Dog game – RM98 RM58
CLICK TO BUY Don’t Wake The Lion game – RM139 RM89.90

4. Jumping Monkey Board Game
Who would have thought such game exists?! How to play – each assigned a transmitter and a few monkeys who must first put their points hanging in a tree by the transmitter, who wins the game. It’s a no brainer game, and you can even play with the kids!

CLICK TO BUY Jumping Monkey Board Game – RM60 RM45

5. Tumbling Monkeys Board Game
No reading required for this game! It’s really a no brainer game as all you need to is place the monkeys in the tree and move the sticks according to the color. The player who collects the fewest number of monkeys, wins! It’s really fun and addictive!

CLICK TO BUY Tumbling Monkeys – RM60 RM45

Do you have any of these board games at home? Which is your favorite game? 😉

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Budget

Father’s day is approaching and we have prepared some of the gift ideas that perfect for fellow daddies out there! I know it can be quite difficult to get something for dad, especially when you are not that close to him. Well, here’s a tip – all you need to do is pay attention to what he is wearing every day; what he likes to eat; what’s his hobby? – hitting the gym? golfing? badminton? chess?; etc.

Check out some of the great ideas here and maybe get it for your Super Dad! I promise I will try to cover as much as I can!


best shaver and shaving cream

1. Grooming Products
Trust me, every daddy in this world need their very own shaver and shaving cream! Show some love to your daddy by replacing his old shaver and shaving cream with these great deals!

a. Shaving Cream (Unscented – For Sensitive skin)RM105.38 RM87.82 (Save 17%)
b. Shaving Cream – Sandalwood Essential Oil RM105.38 RM87.82 (Save 17%)
c. EShave Verbena Lime Travel Kit (Pre-Shave oil + Shave Cream + After Shave Smoother + Brush + TSA Bag) – RM188.40 RM150.72
d. 3 in1 Electric Shaver (Shaving Machine+ Sideburns Cutter + Nose Trimmer Head)RM326 RM151.05
e. Boren Waterproof Rechargeable Shaver (Gold) RM199.90 RM67.90
f. Scott’s Shaver – RM80
g. Scott’s Shaver (with Personalized Engraving) – RM95


2. Sports Apparels/Equipment
Does your dad hit the gym every week? Or often jogs in the park? It’s time to get him the new stuff like gym shirt, shorts, glove, and shoes! Or, you can even get him some simple sports equipment for at home use!

a. Cycling OversleevesRM40.66 RM25.74 (Save 37%) 
b. Doorway Pull Up Gym BarRM70 RM35 (Save 50%) 
c. Genuine Flexible Bike Black Multi-Resistance with LED Display – RM369 RM173 (Save 53%) 
d. Waist Twisting Balance BoardRM156 RM39 (Save 75%) 
e. PRSP Round Neck Jersey (Orange/Black) RM33.90 RM20 (Save 41%)  
f. Silver Chrome with Non-Slip Rubber Grip Adjustable Dumbbells (15kg) –RM299 RM139 (Save 54%) 
g. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 Running ShoesRM379 RM227.40 (Save 40%)
h. Compression Tights Long Sports Pants – RM89 RM39 (Save 56%) 
i. Everlast Basketball Shorts RM119 RM49 (Save 59%)
j. Sports Weight Lifting Gym GlovesRM83.20 RM45.80 (Save 45%)
k. Mini & Foldable Treadmill Blue – RM399 RM150 (Save 62%)


3. Work Related Items
My dad always carries his favorite pen, the one that we bought for him. How about you? Get him a pen that you know he would use it to sign those important documents, or you can always get him the duffle bag or luggage bag that perfect for his outstation travel!

a. Parker IM Collection Roller Ballpoint Pen (Laque Black Gold)RM190 RM125.05 (Save 34%)
b. Faber Castell Fountain Pen BASIC (Satin Chrome) – RM130 
c. Lamy Safari Model 19 Fountain Pen Shiny BlackRM113 RM101.70 (Save 10%)
d. Eozy Men Travel LuggageRM322 RM114.26 (Save 65%)
e. Unisex Waterproof Nylon Business Tote Traveling Bag RM246 RM123 (Save 50%) 


4. Fashion
Trust me, most of the dads out there prefer to wear the same outfit until it totally worn out before they getting themselves the new one. Why not get it for them instead? You can even dress them up for their special Father’s day dinner treat!

a. 007 Printed Silvertone with Black Enamel Metal CufflinksRM29 RM22 (Save 24%) 
b. Golf Silver CufflinksRM56.72 RM23.90 (Save 58%)  
c. Basic Tipping Polo TeeRM39 
d. Volkswagen Polo TeeRM169.90 RM84.95 (Save 50%)
e. 24:01 Neon Zipper Long Sleeve Shirt RM89 RM49 (Save 45%) 
f. River Island Cotton Long Sleeve ShirtRM189 RM150.90 (Save 20%) 
g. River Island Plain TieRM75 RM67.90 (Save 9%) 
h. Veline V Series Dark Blue Skinny Tie – RM35 
i. Veline Black Wood CufflinksRM45 RM95 (Save 52%)
j. Veline Man Of Steel Cufflinks – RM45 RM95 (Save 52%)
k. Levi’s Original Fit LearyRM329 – 
l. New Look Suedette Desert Boots – RM185 RM166.90 (Save 9%) 


5. Coffee/Espresso Machine
The coffee/espresso machine makes an amazing gift for fellow fathers who love their daily coffee fix! Get one for your father and he shall enjoy his cuppa coffee/espresso anytime he wish, at the comfort of home!

a. Pensonic Coffee Maker with Anti-Drip FunctionRM89 RM74 (Save 17%) 
b. Krups Mini Me (White) – RM529 RM399 (Save 25%)
c. Italian Espresso Classic Vintage Manual Coffee Grinder – RM72 RM48 (Save 33%)
d. Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Mill Stainless Steel – RM54.20 RM36.20 (Save 33%)


6. Gadgets – Smartphones/Tablets
If you don’t always have the perfect excuse to splurge for your daddy, it’s time for you to do so! Get him a new smartphone or tablet for him!

a. Asus Zenfone Go 16GB RM519 RM439 (Save 15%) 
b. Xiaomi Redmi 3 – RM1099 RM585 (Save 47%) 
c. Logicom Ecran 7″ Tablet – RM399 RM99 (Save 75%)


7. Watch
Watches makes an ideal Father’s day gift! It is not only for the time watching but also fashionable! Of course, if you’re father is someone who collects watches, getting him the watch display box would be a perfect combo too!

a. Klaus Kobec Odyssey Watch – RM1020 RM168.60 (Save 83%)
b. CCCP Delta Analog Watch – RM2909 RM539 (Save 81%)
c. ICON Fashion Watches – RM563 RM281.50 (Save 50%)
d. 5 Grid Watch Display Box CaseRM99.45 RM58.50 (Save 41%)

Hope this help you get the best and thoughtful Father’s day gift! 😉

15 Online Shopping Hacks That Can Save Your Money!

Hello everyone!

This post is for those who enjoys doing online shopping like me. Don’t get me wrong, It’s really nice to shop from the actual store where you are able to see, touch and try the actual item before buying it, however, we have to admit it that most of us enjoy the hassle-free of doing online shopping. Not to mention all the discounts offered online too!


Now, before you start buying online, you might want to take note of few things below:-

1. Create An Account.
Always create a proper and valid account to be entitled to the members’ special discount offered by the merchant. Plus, most of the online shopping sites like Lazada, Zalora and Hermo offers new members discount. That simply means you are able to get a certain percentage discount for your first purchase!

2. Subscribe to the newsletter.
I know it can be really annoying to see our email inbox flooded with the promotional newsletter. However, this is a way to be the FIRST to know the exclusive sales and also special discount codes from your favorite online shopping sites. Here’s a tip for you – only subscribe to your most favorite online shopping sites. Or, just create second email address for promotional emails/newsletters from online retailers!

3. FREE Shipping
Always stick to your favorite online shopping sites that offer FREE SHIPPING both ways and buy extras. Online shopping sites like Lazada and Zalora offers free shipping on most of their items; you can also enjoy free shipping when you buy 2 items. Tip: You can always do shopping spree with your family and friends to reach a certain amount to enjoy free shipping!

4. Wishlist/Favorite 
Never underestimate the “wishlist” and/or “add to favorite” button next to the items you’re looking at. By clicking any of these buttons, you will be surprised when you receive email update on the your wishlisted/favorited items goes on sales! Trust me, I’ve wishlisted quite a number of items and only buy it when they go on sale on Zalora! Not only you’ll get to bookmark your favorite items but also able to get it at a cheaper price!


5. Abandon Your Shopping Cart 
This may sound crazy to some of you, but if you haven’t realized it yet – shopping sites will send you a discount coupon code up to 15% for you to use if you wish to buy the items in your abandon cart.

6. Do Not Believe in SALE Hype
Be a smart shopper and do not easily fall for SALE hype! It’s important to double check on the original starting price whether they are the original starting price or inflated starting price. Some merchants inflate their starting price in order to create a bigger discount rate.


7. Do Price Comparison on Similar Items
Never ever settle for one price. If you’re shopping on e-commerce sites like Lazada and Qoo10, there’s a high chance for you to find the exact same items with various pricing set by different merchants. Merchant A may set higher pricing than merchant B for the same exact item. Tip: type the name of the item you wish to buy on the search button and click to see all the available items by various merchants.

8. Cheap is NOT always good.
It’s important to go through the reviews and feedbacks left by other shoppers. You are able to find out whether the service offer by the merchant is fast or slow; whether the items are genuine and better quality. You wouldn’t want to receive a defect product without proper assistance from the merchant.

9. Always Use the Filter Search Feature
It’s really fancy when you get to browse every single item on the website. Unless you have the all day time to browse everything or don’t mind spending more money on things that you don’t need, it’s always a great move by filling in the filter search to get ONLY the items that within your criteria – budget, sizes, colors, discount, etc. By doing this simple step, you’d be surprised how much you can save on both time and money!

10. Always check the model stats and sizing charts
When it come to fashion online shopping, we often heard of dissatisfaction of the products received due to the sizing issue. It’s really important to check the model stats and/or sizing charts before buying any particular size of the clothing. If you still unsure about the sizing, then it’s probably safe for you to shop on fashion shopping sites like Zalora and FashionValet as they do offers returns as long as the tag is still attached and unwashed within a certain period of time.

11. Follow Online Retailers on social media for promotion and discount codes
Follow your favorite brands and online retailers allow you to be the first to find out about their promotion updates and also special discount codes for their social media followers!

CLICK To Grab EXCLUSIVE Discount Coupons – May 2016!


12. Download the apps
E-commerce sites like Lazada and Zalora often give an extra special discount for in-app purchases. You might want to download these apps in your phone right now.

13. Pay attention to festive season sales/Black Friday/Cyber Monday
If you want an item but it’s not something you need it urgently, waitlist the item and wait for the festive season sales! Or maybe huge sale like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale where you can save big bucks to get items that you wanted to get since forever!

14. Use Credit Cards for payment
Shopping online with a credit card is the way to go. Pay attention to your credit card promotion. Also, using a credit card also allow you to earn more points, I mean, if you’re going to pay for an item, you might as well get some of the money back.


15. Earn Cash Back for online purchases through Shopback
It may sound too good to be true, but with Shopback, you get to earn back certain amount of money from your online purchases! No kidding! Sign up an account on Shopback now! You are also able to grab tons of discount codes from Shopback too!


CLICK To Grab EXCLUSIVE Discount Coupons – May 2016!

Hello everyone!

It’s mid-week and anyone in the mood of shopping? Well, here’s a great news, you can use ANY of this discount codes when you shop at any of these websites! Of course, you can opt to pay for the full price, but we’re just going to let you guys know here’s a way to save some of your moolahs for other things! 😉

– 15% Off Storewide, Min Spend RM150
– Validity: 01 May 2016 till 31 May 2016
– Discount code: MAYNIA15

– 20% OFF New customer
– Validity: 11th May 2016 till 31st May 2016
– Discount code: 20NCAMMAY

– 45% OFF Canvas and Metal Prints
– Validity: 9th May 2016 till 24th May 2016
– Discount code: NEWDECO

– Create custom Mugs & Coasters @ 45% off
– Validity: 9th May 2016 till 24th May 2016
– Discount code: SIMPLEGIFT

– 45% OFF All Photobooks
– Validity: 2nd May 2016 till 31st May 2016
– Discount code: WHMAY

Christy Ng
– Exclusive 10% Off
– Validity: 24th March 2016 till 7th September 2016
– Discount code: SS10

Zen Zen Dream
– 15% OFF Storewide
– Validity: 26th April 2016 till 30 May 2016
– Discount code: MAYZEN18

– Parents Day Special : Get 20% OFF Cakes by Homebake With Purchase of Any Buffet Deal
– Validity: 20 April 2016 till 30 May 2016
– Discount code: PARENTSDAY

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